E3 Training – 2nd Quarter!

Eagle Soaring Academy, a division of Eagle Soaring Managment, Inc. was selected to host all E3 Business Group, Inc training beginning in 2018. E3, through this collaboration, is now offering its ENTIRE slate of training in 2019!

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur – Tuesdays beginning June 11, 2019
Afternoon session 1:30pm – 3:30pm and Evening session 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – The flagship course of the E3 So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur Professional Development series this course runs for 4 Tuesdays. It has been hosted nationally at chambers of commerce, city career fairs, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners in operation 0 – 5 years who are seeking clarity in their direction and growth. SYWTBE approaches entrepreneurship with a focus on understanding E3 concepts around pricing, vision, business development, deal making, work/life balance and techniques for growing a business’ reach and client base. Registration (All Courses: $150 –  E3/CoE; $175 – Community Partners; $195 – Open Rate) Scroll Down to register

Business Plan Bootcamp – Mondays, beginning June 10, 2019
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm – JSEB Recognized – This course is designed to assist entrepreneurs, organization leaders or independent business owners with the development or reworking of their business/strategic plan. Over 4 Mondays attendees will work on a different aspect of their plan and write it in real time. Get access to insight and tips on making your plan more marketable and relevant. The objective is to end with a functional plan (including a foundation for your financials) E3 works with local banking partners to bring in a professional who will provide direct review and feedback on the last day of training!

The ART of Teambuilding – Fridays, beginning June 7, 2019
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – JSEB Recognized – Over 4 Fridays attendees will have their understanding of teams and keys to developing one which makes your organization stronger and your load lighter as an entrepreneur or community leader. Designed specifically for business owners, corporate managers, and not for profit leaders who are directly responsible for developing or strengthening a sales, project, product or other teams. Topics include the ART approach to Assessing talent, Recognizing potentials and Training for profit and success developed by E3 Founder A. M. Butler, Sr.

Evolving Your Brand to A Movement – Saturdays, beginning June 8, 2019
10:30 am – 12:30 am – JSEB Recognized – One of the most timely courses in the SYWTBE series, this is an opportunity for you to maximize your branding and develop techniques and real-world methods for making your business stand out in your industry and your community. The focus is on aligning marketing to vision, leveraging relationships, public relations on a budget and how to separate your personal and business brand for wider coverage and better market penetration.

Are you active in E3 or the Call of Eagles? Don’t register here! Send a request for your preferred registration to sales@eaglesoaringmgmt.com and a customized invoice will be forwarded to your email on record. #EngagementMatters

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All About Sponsorship – Spring 2019

Updated Live Webinar!!

Who it’s for – Any non-profit, small business, inventor, social initiative, politician, community advocate or organization looking to build capital… debt free

Live Webinar – Saturday, March 30, 2019 – 10 am -$74.95
Condensed Recorded Webinar – $49.95

It’s baaaaaack!! The nationally recognized curriculum of E3 Business Group Inc. returns with its top requested workshop for the past 2 years! Offered exclusively by Eagle Soaring Academy is designed for looking to increase their $$ while removing the shackles imposed by their grants and proposal efforts. This is the #1 E3 workshop requested by those who want to:

1. Take control of their funds acquisition
2. Understand the principles of sponsorship development
3. Look at the concepts around 501c3 certification and grant applications which shackle organizations
4. Provide an exclusive E3 developed matrix for the creation and implementation of highly successful sponsorship programs

Can’t attend live presentation? – The About Sponsorships recorded webinar is a condensed version of the in-person program. The recorded production is crammed with all of the key knowledge, examples, and content for you to quickly be educated, encouraged and become empowered. Facilitated by E3 International Director and Executive Strategist Anthony M. Butler, Sr. the workshop teaches the fundamentals behind identifying, developing and delivering sponsorship opportunities which alleviate expenses while building the Brand of community and corporate partners alike. The course is designed to provide a complete from the ground up approach to developing realistic and achievable sponsorship goals for any organization.

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Can’t Attend? Get your copy For Viewing anytime  $49.95

“This presentation forced our entire leadership team change how we looked at doing events and generating dollars for our work. We have added programs and now handle more clients then we projected in year 5 in year 2! The best money we spent this year!” – L. Crissfield – MI

All About Sponsorships
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Welcome Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Welcome to Eagle Soaring Academy the exclusive home of E3 training. We are excited to be the only authorized education provider for E3 Business Group, Inc. and its E3 philosophy based curriculum.

Look for helpful descriptions of courses, registration, and of course success stories from aspiring entrepreneurs who have invested and applied the knowledge to build their business vision. Whether developing a retail location, professional office, building a MLM team, or creating a not for profit organization you will be making a wise decision to build your mindset and strategic planning through these courses.

2017 starts with training being offered in local markets where E3 is present. Look for online training and professional development tools like the Call of Eagles to help you earn more, do more, and be more in your business!

“There are entrepreneurs and then there are Entrepreneurs…” – Traci Irven, 2014 Eagle Award Recipient, Owner Team 1 Service Cleaning & Hospitality