All About Sponsorship – Fall 2018

Updated Live Webinar!!

Who it’s for – Any non-profit, small business, inventor, celebrity, politician, community advocate or organization looking to build capital… debt free

Live Webinar – Saturday, September 8, 2018 – 10 am -$69.95
Condensed Recorded Webinar – $49.95

You asked for it…. we delivered!! The nationally recognized curriculum of E3 Business Group Inc. returns! Offered exclusively by Eagle Soaring Academy is designed for looking to increase their $$ while removing the shackles imposed by their grants and proposal efforts. This is the #1 E3 workshop requested by those who want to:

1. Take control of their funds acquisition
2. Understand the principles of sponsorship development
3. Look at the concepts around 501c3 certification and grant applications which shackle organizations
4. Provide an exclusive matrix for the creation and implementation of highly successful sponsorship programs

All About Sponsorships webinar is a condensed version of the in-person 3 hour program. 60-minute production is crammed with all of the key knowledge, examples, and content for you to quickly be educated, encouraged

and empowered. Facilitated by E3 International Director and Executive Business Strategist Anthony M. Butler, Sr. the workshop teaches the fundamentals behind identifying, developing and delivering sponsorship opportunities which alleviate expenses while building the brand of community and corporate partners. The course is designed to provide a complete from the ground up approach to developing a realistic and achievable sponsorship campaign.

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Can’t Attend? Get your copy of one of the most talked about workshops By an entrepreneur for those with an entrepreneurial mindset.  $49.95 (regularly $59.95)

“This presentation forced our entire leadership team change how we looked at doing events and generating dollars for our work. We have added programs and now handle more clients then we projected in year 5 in year 2! The best money we spent this year!” – L. Crissfield – MI

All About Sponsorships
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